Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We are a happy Family!

Here we are together together together, oh here we are together, See? Even Mommy! Theres Daddy and Savannah and Baby Chase and Mommy! Oh here we are together Our Happy Family!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A brand new baby and brand new life...

We are loving our brand new baby boy! Savannah has only had a few brief moments of all out jealousy but she gets over it. For the most part she is loving her little brother, the biggest adjustment is the amount of attention shes getting now that baby Chase is here. She loves helping mommy put things in the laundry and bringing wipes or diapers to mommy. She helps take off baby Chase's socks and "helps" give him baths. Joe and I are very proud of her.

Joe has been a wonderful daddy to them both. He continues to be Savannah's playmate and best buddy. Saturday morning they hung out while mommy slept in. Daddy and Savannah made pancakes in all different shapes... it was a big hit! When Daddy is taking care of baby Chase and mom isn't available to feed him right away he pacifies Chase using his nose. I was in the tub and came out to find our new born son sucking on my husbands nose...aparently it had been going on for a while.

Baby Chase's favorite things to do are sleep and eat...of course.... I think deep down everyone would have those on their top ten list. I know I do. Right now he is sleeping in our room in the radio flyer wagon with the portable infant bed in it. I think its pretty clever myself....when hes bigger he'll sleep in his crib. As my mama would say "He's only little."

And I am very happy being a mother of two, and pretty tired. I'm getting adjusted to functioning on 5 hrs of sleep and tell myself it could be much worse... My lap is a popular place to sit for both of them...but we manage just fine.