Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wasting Time....

This is me waisting time
I have been sucked in. So a friend of mine invited me to view some pictures of her on facebook and I haven't seen her in a long time and I was really excited to see what she was up to now. So I had to join facebook to see them. And then you won't believe the assault that followed. I suddenly get like billions of emails saying so and so has added you as a friend and then you need to confirm that they are your friend and then on and on until you've seen and read everyones pictures and profiles and have a totally dead bum cuz you've been sitting there so long. *Sigh* Really I'm so happy because I found some long lost friends of mine from like elementary school and junior high! Amazing... But my children have suffered the consequences of neglect. Savannah just now got panties put back on after running around in the buff for most of the morning (she is dressed now) and Chase was soaked through with slobber and beside himself with teething discomfort. Then theres like these games people were inviting me to play and I don't know what I'm doing... someone ducked me???/what? Yeah like duck duck goose....and other friends of mine have their own mafia....I just feel like this is making my A.D.D.worse (not that I actually have it) but I think I'm gonna get it...there's all these places to click on stuff and then people are clicking on you and writing stuff on your wall....(panting) I'm out of breath. Oh jeez, I went on there for like way to long, talk about a run-on sentence. I think the whole experience was worse because Joe and I refuse to join the rest of the world with high speed internet. Thats right folks we are on be patient I can't play duck, duck, goose or help you take over any kingdoms until I attend to real life.
Please note the heaping laundry basket in the background of this one.... and there I sit.....I am such a brain washed zombie!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Can't believe my baby girl is 3! She had a fun birthday and a few days of celebration. We had a party for her and invited all of her friends. Originally it was going to be at the park but it was a rainy day so the gym at the church was the final location. I decided all you need at a birthday party is lots of balloons and a big area to run. That was a big hit! It was a costume party so that was pretty entertaining too. She is growing up and learning how to pronounce words like "truck" which for so long has been pronounced with an "f" at the beginning instead of the "tr". She loves to tackle her little sounds cruel...but she really is very soft with him and the tackling makes them both laugh so hard. Someday though its gonna cause tears. She loves to sing songs now. That is a new thing. For most of her speaking life if someone (mostly me) sings to her she holds out her little hand with authority and shouts "No! Stop!" This really hurt me actually...I sing alright I would tell myself. Surely if I had a repelent (sp) voice my Choir teacher would have let me in on it in High School. I was glad to find out that others had also experienced this with her (sorry grandmas'). She knows her own mind and once its made up well thats the way she feels. Anyway, singing is a good time now...she used to love it as a baby...I thought....
I really didn't mean to get lost on that little tangent. My own insecurities surfacing.

So yes that is me in a Rainbow Bright costume for her birthday party. Savannah was so happy I broke it out just for the occasion. My mom really deserves the credit for the amazing costume. Thanks Mom! She made it for me in college.

My favorite things she has been expressing are:

-when offered something to eat...."No, I good." using my own words against me when I tell her "No, you're good, you've had enough juice."

-"Moos-kick" for music

-(whispers) "I tinkerbell" because tickerbell doesn't talk she only twinkles.

Happy Birthday my darling girl!OliverTylin




Kelsie & Lauren



Why all the pictures you ask??? Because they wouldn't hold still for the group picture and because I'm nuts!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I recently completed an art project. I haven't done anything really technically challenging in a long time. And I found myself a little rusty at first but after a while I got my groove back... I haven't had it in a while (like 4 yrs). I have lame excuses for not keeping up with it but the truth is I really need to be doing a little "arting" all the time. So I have committed to myself to make sure I always have a project in the works. The one I just finished was a sign for my parents that has been in my head for years and finally I just had to do it. It was a gift to them for being my wonderful parents yes...but also because they just bought their first home and I'm so proud and happy for them! It is going to hang from the front porch of their beautiful home. I made it from a cupboard door that used to be in my kitchen. Joe and I did a little demolition when we bought the place to make room for a refrigerator in the kitchen. Before that it was in an adjoining room (so silly we thought) any way but I asked him to save the doors so that I could art on them when I got a few free minutes. The door was perfect because it was kinda knotty old ply wood but the edges had been beveled so it gave it a little character and I wanted it to look old because it was going to hang on an old house. Below it says "Welcome Home" the picture doesn't quite do it justice.And the colors were simple they were fall colors which my parents both love and they have recently become infatuated with copper so I decieded to showcase it a little in there name. It was really fun to personalize it to there specific taste. I haven't had so much fun in a long time with art. This felt like a little safer indeavor to dive in after an extended vacation from any serious art. Some time soon I'll start drawing my favorite subject... people. But for now my new project is painting some of the furniture in my living room. I found this way cool article of a woman who decorated her home with all kinds of colors none of them really matched but the way she used them with eachother made the whole thing make sense. As soon as I saw it I was so excited. The article quoted her saying "For many designers there are rules, for me there are none." And I tell you she was speaking my language!
I've got some tweaking to do on the little end table I painted but when I'm satified with it I'll post a picture.

Monday, September 1, 2008

2 months later...

So time went by fast and now the summer is over. I actually had to turn on the heater today. It was so chilly. We've had a good summer though. Chase is 7 months old now (I can't believe it!) and Savannah is getting ready to be 3 years old. They are so fun to watch grow up and interact. I'm so proud of my kids, they love eachother so much and that just makes me so happy.

So hmm... to catch everyone up...Our computer crashed. We lost everything on our hard drive. Which was very sad and stressful. I had the task of putting it all back on the computer which proved to be too much for me. So we hired a new book keeper. She was Joe's old boss's wife who did the books for their business. So she already knows the business and will be able to give us great insight. We're really excited. We've partied it up we went to a luau and a couple parades and the fair and now we're ready for fall.
Chase was our family's Big Kahuna at the ward luau.
Savannah watched the water balloon fight in disappointment when her water balloon broke before she could get in on the action.

They also had their very first bath together and it was quite an event. Savannah was so excited to have a buddy in the tub with her. Chase wasn't quite prepared for her enthusiasm but as often is the case he tried his best to be a good sport as she squealed and splashed. Adorable!