Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

I went to run some errands and this is what my family was up to while I was gone. I think the kids were in good hands, don't you? I love that their daddy hasn't totally grown out of his childhood. He's an awesome dad.

Other highlights of today:
I counted how many times the phone rang today from 8am to 8pm.... 26 times. I hate the phone. I hate telemarketers. I hate when I answer the phone and no one is there because the automated system that dialed the call has failed and repeatedly wasted my time.

I decided to finally roast that turkey that I have had sitting in the freezer. I had never done it before 10 lb turkey according to my research should be done cooking in 4 hrs. We were supposed to eat at turkey until about 8:30pm I made tuna helper at 7pm....we'll have turkey tomorrow :)

And as a fine finale, Savannah took a dive off the bunk bed and landed on her face. I didn't see it happen but she screamed and screamed. Her nose was bleeding by the time I got there and it took it a good 10 minutes to quit. Poor thing, her nose swelled up and her top lip. You can kinda see it in the pictures. A little tylenol later and she was back to her bouncy self. Poor Chase got the raw end of the deal he was napping in the bed below her and woke up to her cries of terror and pain. He was scared to death, and all the blood, he was so worried about his sister and he kept looking at me like, "is everything okay mom? It doesn't seem okay?! Have you got this under control?"

All in a days work right?