Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Chase is here!

Here we are! Everyone of us is tired and exhausted (I wonder why...) but we're all so happy to finally have him. Savannah loves him to pieces all our pictures of her holding him are on our other camera.... we didn't have this camera's battery charged in time for the big day so we used our old one and will get that film developed here soon. We'll be taking more pictures to post too so check in on us.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Piggy PJ's and Pretty Faces.

New Christmas PJ's with piggy feet are making bed time a breeze. Who wouldn't want a pair of these! Whoa that rhymed! Savannah has been busy preparing for a new baby brother and learning all about what it is to be 2 yrs old. She is talking lots and lots and is very passionate about what she has to say.

She is also big into practicing her faces. She likes to stand in front of the full length mirror and see all the things her face can do. Just recently she has added other things into the mix... notice the hand placed under the chin...shes a hoot.

Here she is working her hip action. She was dancing to Uncle Caleb playing the guitar.

Stanek Masonry update...

A huge fireplace! Its hard to tell how big it is without someone in the picture. Way to go you guys its beautiful!
Our hardworking crew pulling out all the stops to make it look fantastic. They are actually inside a tent they constructed to keep themselves and the column they are working on warm. It gets pretty toasty in there.
Joe and Caleb...

And here is the newest member of our crew and hes doing great work! Travis!
Joe examining the fireplace now with a critical eye. You can see a little better how huge this thing is.

This is the front of the house. Those columns were built the same way, using a tent to keep them warm while the mud dried.

Thanks for all your amazing work guys! You rock!
I'm such a corn ball.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In winter we're rounder

First time playing in the snow...She went to her cousins bithday party who lives up in the mountains where there is lots and lots of snow. Daddy helped her get around and pushed her on the sled. Daddy had to help mommy get around too...I was out there to take pictures and found myself almost falling over a couple times.
She really liked this....

She stayed close to Daddy though she still wasn't too sure. And after a about 15 minutes she was done!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Stanek Masonry in action

Here is a huge house Joe has been working on for 2 years off and on! We're pretty impressed with how its turning out and wanted to share...actually Joe would be embarrassed that I'm sharing it he's humble like that.

I couldn't got the whole house in the shot without backing up lots... Thought I would include a picture of the hardworking men that have worked so hard on this house. The first is Joe, and the second is Caleb. Sorry Travis I'll get a picture of you next time!
This is going to be the grand entrance of the house after you come through the front door. Very fancy!
This is a wine room with an arched ceiling shown below...

Here is the arched ceiling its hard to get a good picture of it and even harder to do the work to get the brick up there.

Here is Caleb working on more of the grand entrance through the front door. You can see the big front doors behind Caleb.

This is going to be a bathroom I'm pretty sure. Amazing!

We're still working.... we'll keep you updated!