Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In winter we're rounder

First time playing in the snow...She went to her cousins bithday party who lives up in the mountains where there is lots and lots of snow. Daddy helped her get around and pushed her on the sled. Daddy had to help mommy get around too...I was out there to take pictures and found myself almost falling over a couple times.
She really liked this....

She stayed close to Daddy though she still wasn't too sure. And after a about 15 minutes she was done!


Heather said...

Savannah looks adorable. I love little kids when they're wearing all their snow clothes.
I'm with you, the pictures of them all bundled up are very cute, so I guess that it does make it worth some degree.
I know, we're about to have babies! I felt like I was totally unprepared when Matthew was born, and so when Ethan was born, I was over prepared (though having a clean house and a freezer stocked with meals, the room all set up...everything like that did make recovery easier), and with this one, it's just crept up on me. I still want to get freezer meals prepared, give the house a really really good cleaning, get all the baby things out and clean and ready to go...the list goes on and on! We're also getting the boys bunk beds, and we haven't even started shopping for them. I'd like to get them all situated before the baby comes, but we're running out of time (AHHHHH!!!!)
Hopefully you're more prepared than me!

Rachel flapping jaw said...

I feel ready. I have all the baby stuff in its place and the kids room organized....Christmas stuff is put away which is what I was worried about most the last couple weeks. No freezer meals...though thats a good idea.Now all thats left is getting our room organized so we have a place to put the baby the first few weeks. Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet, Rach. Jackson hated sledding last winter (he cried the whole time), but he tried exceptionally hard to pull his daddy along in the sled. (It obviously didn't work, though his determination was adorable.) This winter he thinks things are much better and now we have to stop him from trying to run outside in his bare feet.