Monday, January 7, 2008

Stanek Masonry in action

Here is a huge house Joe has been working on for 2 years off and on! We're pretty impressed with how its turning out and wanted to share...actually Joe would be embarrassed that I'm sharing it he's humble like that.

I couldn't got the whole house in the shot without backing up lots... Thought I would include a picture of the hardworking men that have worked so hard on this house. The first is Joe, and the second is Caleb. Sorry Travis I'll get a picture of you next time!
This is going to be the grand entrance of the house after you come through the front door. Very fancy!
This is a wine room with an arched ceiling shown below...

Here is the arched ceiling its hard to get a good picture of it and even harder to do the work to get the brick up there.

Here is Caleb working on more of the grand entrance through the front door. You can see the big front doors behind Caleb.

This is going to be a bathroom I'm pretty sure. Amazing!

We're still working.... we'll keep you updated!


Heather said...

wow, what an awesome house!! It looks like they're doing a great job. I also have to say, that I can't believe that picture of Caleb...I haven't seen him in years, and he's not the little boy that used to wear a train conductor's hat and overalls anymore...he grew up!

Rachel flapping jaw said...

Thats true you haven't seen him in a while huh? Yeah he grew up its crazy! He even got taller...remember for like 3 years he just didn't grow. Good ole' Cabey

Jean said...


I never get to talk to you anymore so I just wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL you look. You are the definition of the glowing pregnancy look. Love you lots!

Heather said...

ps did you get the email I sent you yesterday, comcast was having problems, so I never knew if it sent, or if it sent like five times