Thursday, November 6, 2008

OUT with the Old.....IN with the...uhh not so Old.

This is our old fridge.
It has done a good job for us over the last couple years. It has kept out milk cold and our ketchup frozen. It has endured our squeezing and squishing everything inside it just to get the door closed. It was brave when it was time to defrost the shoe-box size freezer. At which time I would literally hammer and pick the ice inside to make the process go faster. It has been the best it can be.

This is our new fridge.
Let me tell you all of its amazing features. First please notice that all the stuff in the new fridge was packed tight in the old fridge! I got it all in there and was like "I have to go shopping we have nothing to eat! It has a place for all of the condiments. It has ample room for 2 jugs of milk and with even more room for juice! I can put my butter in the door along with who knows what else! A bin for meat/cheese items. And then 2 bins for produce of all sorts! But the absolute best part..... is
The Freezer! We have a freezer. I had to go buy a huge thing of ice cream just to feel the joy of putting it in there.

See how excited Savannah is? This is a big deal at the Stanek house!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a fun fun fun Halloween....I'm so tired of costumes now...Savannah was something different every day that week! I'm only showing you actual Halloween day costume choice. She was a witch one day. Then she was Jessie the Cowgirl, then she was a princess, and lets not forget the princess clown. And then all the days in between a strange collage of all of them! Chase was a pumpkin I thought his stout little cheeks lent themselves very nicely to the part. He was such a good sport about the whole thing. He is such an easy going baby. We love him so much. We trick or treated at both Grandparents houses and went to the Halloween Parade downtown Hamilton. Big Day! Grandpa Stanek and Uncle Dusty even dressed up!