Monday, November 19, 2007

Five things Challenge

Five things I was doing 10 years ago.....
1. Had just moved to Frenchtown, Montana and were getting ready to move to Darby, was my freshmen year of High School 15 yrs old
2. Became confident in my ability to draw people, especially faces, I really fell in love with art making around this time.
3. Learning how to be adaptable to a brand new place....I hated Frenchtown, MT
4. Discovered in MT you can get your divers license at 15.....I didn't actually get it until I was 22.
5. Tried out for my first High School Drama production....A Christmas Carol

Five things on my To Do list Today
1. Do the dishes (partially done....are you ever really done???)
2. Make a house payment (done)
3. Go Christmas shopping (done)
4. Pay bills (done)
5. Schedule visiting teaching appointments (sort of done)

Five snacks I enjoy
1. sunflower seeds (pregnant snack craving)
2. string cheese (pregnant snack craving...I hate cheddar cheese right now it tastes bad to me)
3. Banana Nut Crunch cereal (pregnant snack craving)
4. Rice Krispie Treats (pregnant snack craving)
5. Stuffing.....(yeah I think its just my anticipation of Thanksgiving?? I'm pregnant.)

Five songs I know the Lyrics To
I've lost my identity because most of the songs I'm thinking of are Savannah's favorites

1. Care Bear countdown
2. Five Little Monkeys
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks theme song
4. Daughtry's "I'm going home" song
5. The Turkey song "Theres a big fat turkey down on Grandpa's Farm and he thinks he's really gay.
He spreads his tail into a great big fan and he struts around all day.
You can hear him gobble at the girls and the boys and he thinks hes singing when he makes that noise...
He'll see his song another way upon Thanksgiving Day!"

Five of my bad habits
1. Assuming that just because I'm pregnant that people should get out of my way in public places and on the road.
2. Procrastinating.....always
3. I stay up too late
4. I get caught up in meaningless details
5. I am bossy

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Pay off my house
2. Pay of my medical bills
3. Get health insurance
4. Get a massage...a good just get a servant that just does that for me.
5. Help my family

Five things I will never wear again
1. any dress from before my first pregnancy...the girls don't fit anymore.
2. 2 pairs of neon socks layered on top of eachother
3. big glasses with way to big lenses
4. the bangs that stayed in a perfect curl across my forehead
5. holiday inspired sweaters and turtle necks my mom thought I looked adorable in.

Five of my favorite toys
1. paint brushes
2. finger paint
3. my vaccume
4. my non-stick frying pans
5. paper on which to make art

Five friends I am going to tag
1. Heather
2. Lindsey
3. Jean
4. Patty
5. Jen

What's New?

I thought it was about time I changed my blog to something else! We are finally a week free of the plague. It took Savannah 2 weeks to get over it. I was pretty ornery about it by the end. We're all grateful its over. Now she is getting her eye teeth. I know what you're thinking....she hasn't had them this whole time. No. So she is kinda grumpy lately and in short supply of patience. At the grocery store, Super 1, they have car carts. Its basically a shorter version of your average cart and then this plastic car on the front for kids to sit in and make them think they are driving. I'm sure you've seen something like it before I don't know why I'm giving a description. Anyway Savannah loves these things. We have a 2 yr old moment when they're not available at the grocery store. But usually she gets over it pretty quick. Not lately though.....its more of a long moment of screaming. And not just at the grocery store. Something in her little head decided all stores we enter should have car carts. And no matter how hard she cries its not enough to conjure up one. The scene usually is something like this. I try to calmly explain that they don't have car carts here. We'll just use this kind of cart. And then my pregnant self will try to heft a struggling 2 year old into the front of the regular cart. However when she knows I'm placing her in the wrong cart she screams louder and then tucks her legs awkwardly so I end up holding her suspended above until I can get her legs straightened out and get her seated. Its in this position I try to use the mommy voice about not throwing fits and screaming. But I'm so out of breath (pregnant 7 and 1/4 months) that I don't sound very convincing. Once she is finally in the seat I am hot, red faced, and struggling to catch my breath. Still unable to express my disappointment in her verbally. So I rely on the stern face to get the point across until I can squeak out a "that is naughty Savannah. No no!" By this point she is pretty much over it and the only evidence that remains is one alligator tear lingering below her eye and the occasional shuddering breath from crying. It just goes to show how much she really does run my life as much as I like to think I am the boss.

Friday, November 2, 2007

"My piggy and me!"

Here is Savannah at 7 months sleeping on the couch with new piggy. His tail still curled then and he was very plush and had the softest pink fur. She loved to play with his tail as she fell asleep. And she still does to this day. There is very little they don't do together.

I made the mistake of answering the phone while Savannah was in the tub. Upon returning I found this. She explained to me "piggy....tubby, in!" And the picture shows the desperate clutch she had when I tried to take piggy away.

Piggy got to stay. I washed Savannah.

Savannah washed piggy. Everybody wins.

Then once piggy was dry... they took a nap.


The Black Plague

This illness is never gonna leave us alone! Savannah is now sick with it. I thought she got it a little the first time...not that having it once is enough in our family. We have the Black Plague at our house. I really feel like crying as I'm typing. I don't know wether to laugh or cry. It's been 3 weeks of this nasty thing. Savannah has been so brave and down right detemined to not let it get her down. Five minutes after throwing up she is bouncing around the living room happy as can be. She is my hero....I did not feel like bouncing at any point! I guess the most challenging part of her being sick is she doesn't understand to throw up in a designated area like a bucket, or a toilet. I'm the meanest mom shoving her head down over this bucket and saying "Its okay honey, mommy's here" as she is forcefully trying to push the bucket away. Meanwhile I am having dizzy spells (I feel like an old woman saying it like that). I pretty much always have a low blood count but its a little more pronounced when I'm pregnant....and even more pronounced when I've been up all night with a two year old. I almost passed out in Super 1 today, I think I scared the cashier to death....poor woman. She helped me to a bench and got me a cool compress. I felt so stupid. And there is Savannah crying in the store worried about me when she is the one throwing up all day. So today I have a great respect and love for mothers all over the world. My mom is amazing I can't even touch the amount of times shes battled the ugly world of sick children. I woke up today feeling very much in awe of her. How did she do it? Then she says to me...." thats just what you do what you have to for your kids because you love them, theres just no question."