Monday, November 19, 2007

What's New?

I thought it was about time I changed my blog to something else! We are finally a week free of the plague. It took Savannah 2 weeks to get over it. I was pretty ornery about it by the end. We're all grateful its over. Now she is getting her eye teeth. I know what you're thinking....she hasn't had them this whole time. No. So she is kinda grumpy lately and in short supply of patience. At the grocery store, Super 1, they have car carts. Its basically a shorter version of your average cart and then this plastic car on the front for kids to sit in and make them think they are driving. I'm sure you've seen something like it before I don't know why I'm giving a description. Anyway Savannah loves these things. We have a 2 yr old moment when they're not available at the grocery store. But usually she gets over it pretty quick. Not lately though.....its more of a long moment of screaming. And not just at the grocery store. Something in her little head decided all stores we enter should have car carts. And no matter how hard she cries its not enough to conjure up one. The scene usually is something like this. I try to calmly explain that they don't have car carts here. We'll just use this kind of cart. And then my pregnant self will try to heft a struggling 2 year old into the front of the regular cart. However when she knows I'm placing her in the wrong cart she screams louder and then tucks her legs awkwardly so I end up holding her suspended above until I can get her legs straightened out and get her seated. Its in this position I try to use the mommy voice about not throwing fits and screaming. But I'm so out of breath (pregnant 7 and 1/4 months) that I don't sound very convincing. Once she is finally in the seat I am hot, red faced, and struggling to catch my breath. Still unable to express my disappointment in her verbally. So I rely on the stern face to get the point across until I can squeak out a "that is naughty Savannah. No no!" By this point she is pretty much over it and the only evidence that remains is one alligator tear lingering below her eye and the occasional shuddering breath from crying. It just goes to show how much she really does run my life as much as I like to think I am the boss.


Anonymous said...

My vote is still out as to whether those carts are a blessing or a curse. Jackson likes driving the car carts at Albertsons here. Somehow we always end up getting one that needs to "go to the shop." It rattles so bad, but he picks the same one every time, and let's face it, I feel like a semi driver every time we rattle down the aisles trying to maneuver around the corners. (I now understand why semis have a "wide right turns" warning on them). My main mission is not to mow down any unsuspecting shoppers trying to round the corner the same time we do.

The other grocery store in town doesn't have car carts, but these little miniature kid-sized shopping carts that he loves to Jackson must push the the little carts into the groceries on the shelves. He just must do it. So the visual there is me hunched over trying to keep my purse from spilling, dragging a 30-inch high cart heaped with whatever groceries I need and Jackson digging in his heels on the other end. He is always quite insistent that he be the only driver of the mini carts.

Heather said...

oh, the car carts...I agree...a blessing or a curse? Matthew is always so disappointed when they don't have one available, and if we see other kids in a car cart while shopping in the store, he always wants to know why we can't have theirs...not too quietly either.
I also have to say that before I had kids, when I saw a toddler throwing a tantrum in the store, my first thought was "what bad parents, my kids will NEVER act like that"...I know, harsh. Well, let's just say that since having kids, my response is an understanding smile to the poor mom, and the relief that at least this time, it's not me!