Monday, September 1, 2008

2 months later...

So time went by fast and now the summer is over. I actually had to turn on the heater today. It was so chilly. We've had a good summer though. Chase is 7 months old now (I can't believe it!) and Savannah is getting ready to be 3 years old. They are so fun to watch grow up and interact. I'm so proud of my kids, they love eachother so much and that just makes me so happy.

So hmm... to catch everyone up...Our computer crashed. We lost everything on our hard drive. Which was very sad and stressful. I had the task of putting it all back on the computer which proved to be too much for me. So we hired a new book keeper. She was Joe's old boss's wife who did the books for their business. So she already knows the business and will be able to give us great insight. We're really excited. We've partied it up we went to a luau and a couple parades and the fair and now we're ready for fall.
Chase was our family's Big Kahuna at the ward luau.
Savannah watched the water balloon fight in disappointment when her water balloon broke before she could get in on the action.

They also had their very first bath together and it was quite an event. Savannah was so excited to have a buddy in the tub with her. Chase wasn't quite prepared for her enthusiasm but as often is the case he tried his best to be a good sport as she squealed and splashed. Adorable!


Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear that your computer crashed, but I'm glad you were able to hire someone to help you out. Is that going to be a permanent thing, or just until things get all straightend out? Cute, cute kids!!

Anonymous said...

Rach, that little boy is a carbon copy of you (at least I think so)!


Ollievie said...

I'm going to have to agree that Chase is an identical Rachel! Love the pictures. So happy for you that you have some hired help now :)