Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Can't believe my baby girl is 3! She had a fun birthday and a few days of celebration. We had a party for her and invited all of her friends. Originally it was going to be at the park but it was a rainy day so the gym at the church was the final location. I decided all you need at a birthday party is lots of balloons and a big area to run. That was a big hit! It was a costume party so that was pretty entertaining too. She is growing up and learning how to pronounce words like "truck" which for so long has been pronounced with an "f" at the beginning instead of the "tr". She loves to tackle her little sounds cruel...but she really is very soft with him and the tackling makes them both laugh so hard. Someday though its gonna cause tears. She loves to sing songs now. That is a new thing. For most of her speaking life if someone (mostly me) sings to her she holds out her little hand with authority and shouts "No! Stop!" This really hurt me actually...I sing alright I would tell myself. Surely if I had a repelent (sp) voice my Choir teacher would have let me in on it in High School. I was glad to find out that others had also experienced this with her (sorry grandmas'). She knows her own mind and once its made up well thats the way she feels. Anyway, singing is a good time now...she used to love it as a baby...I thought....
I really didn't mean to get lost on that little tangent. My own insecurities surfacing.

So yes that is me in a Rainbow Bright costume for her birthday party. Savannah was so happy I broke it out just for the occasion. My mom really deserves the credit for the amazing costume. Thanks Mom! She made it for me in college.

My favorite things she has been expressing are:

-when offered something to eat...."No, I good." using my own words against me when I tell her "No, you're good, you've had enough juice."

-"Moos-kick" for music

-(whispers) "I tinkerbell" because tickerbell doesn't talk she only twinkles.

Happy Birthday my darling girl!OliverTylin




Kelsie & Lauren



Why all the pictures you ask??? Because they wouldn't hold still for the group picture and because I'm nuts!


W and S said...

That was a fun, wild party! My kids had a great time:)

Ollievie said...

Savannah - you have a great personality! Thanks for the fun birthday party!

SarahBrummett said...

Rachel, your kids are so cute! Your son looks a lot like you! I loved reading all your stuff! This is just so fun! I am so glad that we found each other!!!! :)

Farley's Story said...

YEAH!!!! I was thinking about you the other day, wondering if you had a blog. I guess my question has been answered. I will defiantly be keeping track of you. It is amazing how quickly kids grow. How are you doing anyway? I am so excited to keep in touch with you. That is the best thing about blogging. Keeping tabs on friends you never see or talk to!!

Karalene Ludlow said...

She is precious! Growing up so fast. And that little Chase! He has twinkly eyes! So cute ~