Friday, June 27, 2008

Last night we went to Music in the Park. Every thursday at 8pm at Claudia Driscoll park they are having a band of some kind play. Its so fun! Its been so fun to get out and feel part of the community I live in. Last week the Bitterroot Band played and this week the Kent Curtiss Band played. Savannah loves it she flits and dances all over the place and I even got up and jammed with her for a while. Chase loves it too he likes to stare off at the sky and listen. I think hes gonna be a deep thinker. We took our fun wagon and walked to the park and met some friends there and had some snacks. The kids wore themselves down and by the time it was over they were pooped. So on the walk home (they were in the wagon of course) Savannah and Chase wound down and were all ready for bed. It was a great evening....all except for one know those fireman poles at play grounds that you slide down? Well there was a little boy in front of Savannah and she saw him step off the edge and go down. But I don't think she understood he was using the pole to slide down. She must of thought he just floated down somehow. Because she stepped off the edge didn't reach for the pole and landed on her back and bit her tounge. Oh she cried! And I was clear across the park feeding chase when it happened. I felt so bad.


Heather said...

okay, Rachel, I tried leaving a comment a couple of weeks ago, but I hit the wrong button and deleted it, and it was really long...and I didn't have time to re-type it, so I'm FINALLY getting around to it.
I love your posts lately. The pictures of your kids are adorable (the professinal ones as well as the ones you've been taking), and the story of Savannah while you were waiting to have your pictures taken...very amusing!
You asked about how I like Fuzzi Bunz. I love them. They have taken a little getting used to. I have to stay on top of diaper changes a little better...sad to admit that there were days with disposables that diapers didn't get changed as long as they weren't messy I would sometimes forget and they would be very full by the time I got around to it...he he. Cloth diapers aren't as forgiving. I need to change them about every three hours (but that's a good thing right?...forcing me to be a good mom!) You also have to make sure that you snap them snugly, loose diapers will tend to leak, and there are a few tricks to washing them that I've picked up along the way, so if you're interested, I'll pass them along. The long and short of it is that anything worth doing takes a little bit of practice, but in my opinion it has been totally worth it, and I don't regret my decision to switch at all. I haven't had a problem with leaks (as long as I'm not being lazy about changing diapers), and I haven't had a problem with diaper rash since they started wearing them. I've been very, very happy with them. If you're considering doing it, I say go for it. It's expensive up front (about $18 a diaper), but you'll make that money back in a few months since you're not buying disposables anymore. I bought 16 for Justin and 16 for Ethan, and that's been more than enough. You would probably be fine with 12. I do wash every other night even if I still have more clean diapers, just so the stink isn't getting soaked into the diapers as much (If you're interested, I'll tell you how to wash them so that there isn't any lingering smells). So, if you do decide to go for it, let me know and I'll be able to pass along all my tips and secrets. I hope that things are going well for you. I love keeping up with your blog. Love,

Heather said...

Oh, and the music in the park is such a fun thing to go to. It's making me homesick to read about it!