Thursday, June 5, 2008

We love our backyard!

Freedom! As many of you may know our yard has resembled a construction site for the last year since our business has taken off. It really caught us by storm and we weren't prepared with a storage plan for all the gear. So just recently we got it all cleaned up and child proof. So now it is Savannah's wonderland and she had been loving exploring in a world of her very own (until Chase grows up of course) So we decided we needed a swing set to finish it off. And we have been loving it.

Potty training has taken off in the last week I finally got serious about it I think. We didn't go anywhere for 4 days and focused on the potty. Of course we did other stuff in between. SO it turns out that Savannah needed to actually wet her "big girl panties" in order to take the whole thing seriously. Shes the kind of kid that would sit in pee or poo forever. But getting her panties dirty was a sad sad thing for her. So we're going through a little more laundry than I'd like but least we're learning.

Chase our sweet boy, has been teething for the last month and we have pretty much no progress so thats just awesome. Hopefully it will be better than Savannah we started teething at 3 months and never got a single tooth until she was 13 months old. He however is a giggler which Savannah was not. He laughs when I change his clothes... shoving his arms in and out of sleeves is the funniest thing to him. Its so darling. He will outright crack up. I love my boy. And he is growing lots. This week he started reaching for things and has been successful already so far his left hand is better at it... we'll see if it stays that way.
As for the two of them they are thick as theives. Savannah loves to play with him. She bends over and lets her hair hang in his face and he doesn't really like it but she thinks he does because each time he opens his mouth and kinda smiles (I think he thinks hes supposed to eat it) so she thinks hes laughing or at least smiling at her. He is making lots of sounds now and the two of them chatter away ( in baby talk) and giggle. I love my kids.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's all about keeping clean undies for them. We got Jackson some underwear with the Cars characters on them because he just wasn't paying attention in Pull-ups and it's been better. We always tell him, "Don't drown Mater!" Of course, he still does from time to time, and when he has an accident that we don't catch right away, he comes and says "Ma-der's wet."

Sigh. This, too, shall pass.

I think.

dippyrooroo said...

Yeah for Savannah! We can't wait to come help you break in the swing set! If only it would stop raining for long enough!