Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Honeymoon is over

I like to think that I have been a pretty involved mom since going to work for the last year. I told myself that I was in the know about their lives and demands and day to day behavior. It has been a year since I have been home with them full time. The last time this was the case, Chase had barely learned to walk and the brother/sister dynamic, only in the beginning phases. It turns out that while I saw them everyday in that last year and interacted with them as much as I could before and after work....I still missed a lot. I am going to show you a behind the scenes look at life at our house. You mothers (bless your hearts) will not be surprised by what you witness and I'm sure it will not phase you. But I, in truth, after having had children now for 4 years, suddenly find myself feeling a little green! Like I'm a rookie in the toddler on toddler brawl and have somehow forgotten just how hard the daily grind of life at home as Mommy really is. How do you forget that! At one point a couple days ago I said to myself, "I'm ready to go back to work I need a break!" So, heres to you Mama's, whose finest hours are spent in the care of the little ones you adore, and you may or may not be recognized for that on a daily basis. I salute your accomplishments, and am (after regaining my resolve) glad to be counted among you.


Ollievie said...

What happened to our Chase that just sat in YWs and chilled? :) The little devil ;) I think you should pat yourself on the back since Savannah didn't even hit him back! That's not how things roll at my house. We have not adequately taught the "turn the other cheek" philosophy. It's an eye for an eye. Welcome back to the At Home Momma Alliance . . . may the Force be with you :)

Heather said...

Seriously, I'm impressed that Savannah didn't retaliate and that Chase didn't hit her more than once...that's how things tend to happen at our house...and with a lot more screaming. We've never had a screamer before, but man, that Justin is a screamer!
Welcome back to full-time mommyhood! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful? I'm wondering how Jackson will do when our next one comes into the mix this September.

"The At-Home Momma Alliance." I like that. If that ever becomes a group blog, it totally needs to include something on "What to do when your family keeps destroying your house and you can't find a clean surface anywhere." (And an entry on "If your husband really doesn't get that he needs to put his things away, you're totally within your rights to throw his clothes on the dirty, melting snowpile on the sidewalk.")