Friday, September 10, 2010

Fantastic and Five!

My girl is 5 years old today! Isnt' she great? We all love her so much. We love her dancing, her fashion sense, her insightful questions, like "Why do people need to sleep? Is it because they have to have dreams?" ( she really got me with that one!). We love her passion, her imagination, her art work, her jokes, the way she loves and plays with her brother and new baby sister. She is our very most favorite Savannah! Happy Birthday my girl!


Lindsay said...

LOVE the last picture! Savannah is such a cute girl - - - When you get a chance, post some pictures of that cute new baby!

Ollievie said...

How can she be five! Rachel . . . we are so old ;) We sure love "Na-na" as Oliver used to call her.