Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to the Stanek House of Crazy

Our home is made up of Daddy Joe, Mommy Rachel, and baby girl Savannah (who is 2 now and reminding me everyday she is not a baby). We are soon to have another baby join our family this winter. Our due date is Feb 4, 2008. We shouldn't forget to mention we are also running a business out of this home, Stanek Masonry, which is another little baby of ours 6 months old and growing strong.


dippyrooroo said...

Rachel!!!! You did it!!!! It looks awesome! And on the matter of digital cameras, Fisher Price has a kids digital camera (fully functional) for $48! If I don't talk some sense into myself by Christmas that may be Kelsie's present!
Yahoo for Rachel's blog!!!!
Oh, P.S. James said blog came from 'web log' It just got slurred together and shortened.

Montannie.Grannie said...

Baby Girl......I love it! What a great idea and a fun way to stay in touch with everybody. Like you said, then you don't need to write everyone a separate letter or email all the time.

As for a digital camera, you never know..... Santa Claus is coming to town soon! I replied to your email and answered your question about why they are called blogs: short for web logs. I read a much more clever explanation years ago--don't remember what it was, basically the same just put in a cuter way.

Happy Blogging! Mama Loves!!!