Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're Having a Boy!!!

Its official! Baby Chase Joseph Stanek will be joining our family in just a few months!
I thought this picture was fitting...theres Savannah showing me some art work and theres Baby Chase riding around on my back. I suppose I find comfort in chaous! The only thing thats missing is Joe in the back ground asking me where his various tools are....ahhh home sweet home


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news, Rach! Congratulations!

And Savannah's room looks great. Seeing the pictures reminded my of our tole painted house discussion a few years back. What did I tell you? ;)

(Can you believe we go "a few years back" already?)


Heather said...

Wow Rache, that's really exciting - one of each now, what a perfect little family!! Congrats!!

I love how Savannah's room turned out, James couldn't believe that you painted it yourself. We were all very impressed.

Take care and congratulations again!!

Rachel flapping jaw said...

I remember the tole painted house discussion....what can I say you were right! SO long as I don't do it on the outside I think everything will be okay.

Heather said...

I really love this pretty much sums up a day in the life of a mom!