Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing Joe!

Here is the man of the house and we think hes great! He makes us laugh and is always full of surprises. These days he is working his tail off as the owner of new business. He is very dedicated and excellent at what he does. We are so proud of our Daddy he is working so hard for our family and is doing a great job! Right now is his favorite time of year HUNTING SEASON...look out wild life Joe is on the hunt. Hes had "the fever" since he got his first elk last fall, bow hunting. It was awesome!


Montannie.Grannie said...

What a great picture....a very nice look for you Joe!!! Good choice Rach! Has he seen the pic you chose to introduce him yet......let me guess!

Mama Loves!

Rachel flapping jaw said...

He argued at first but then he decided the picture was funny so he let me put it on.