Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How do you get video's to upload??

Okay so, I'm annoyed. I have all these cute video's to share with grandparents in other parts of the world and I cannot get blogger to upload my videos. AND I know people do it....cuz I've seen them. So I did a little digging to figure out the problem and apparently its an issue they are aware of but have not resolved. The most recent update on the matter is from 2 years ago!!?? I guess what bothers me is that they are still offering it as a feature on blogger. Yet they haven't been able to fix why it sometimes works, but mostly not. I feel silly whining about this...I'll be honest. But right now, exactly right now...I just don't feel embarassed enough to stop venting about it. **SIGH** I'll be fine. Afterall 20 years ago video cameras were a novelty....I should be grateful.


Ollievie said...

It's the small things that are the most annoying. Like the paper cuts always hurt more than getting stitches! At least for me.

I'll be angry with you . . . dang Blogger ;)

Farley's Story said...

You have to love technology. They only problem is that it is only as smart as people. I totally understand your frustration. I guess persistence it the key. Just keep trying and eventually it will work!!

Heather said...

I haven't attempted videos, but I have experienced "blogger error" frustration. Argh!!

LOVE the new background!!