Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ode to our Wagon!

We love our wagon! We have put some serious miles on it this summer and fall. I've been thinking of a way to measure it...does anyone know how to do that? We take it with us in the grocery store, to the park, to our friends house, across small streams, to the library! I was desperate one day...we needed a bathroom and the library was very accomodating all except for the "easy access" for the handicapted and stoller/wagon weilding mothers! If you've been to Hamilton library I'm sure you can imagine me dragging this wagon up those ridiculous switchbacks just to go to the bathroom! Some of you may be saying "why didn't she just leave the wagon outside?" Because the wagon is a very important holding device for brand new babies while the mommy is frantically pulling her daughters pants down before we have "a acc-ne -dent" Thank you Wagon!

"Oh you chitty chitty bang bang! Chitty Chitty bang bang we love you! Bang bang Chitty Chitty bang bang our fine four fendered friend!" Thats how we fell about you wagon! I love that movie! And the soundtrack is one of a kind "Truly Scruptious", "You're my little Teddy bear"

Has anyone seen that movie?? I give it 5 stars!


Ollievie said...

Anything that can hold and contain a child is spectacular! And aren't those switchbacks at the Library obnoxious! And then you have to ring a doorbell when you get to the top and wait for someone to open the door!

I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a long time ago . . . but after your glowing review, I may just pick it up again.

Kim Lakko said...

I LOVE Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My parents have the soundtrack on a record. We used to listen to it all the time. LOL Fun times!! BTW How have you been? Your kids are adorable!

BigDaddy said...

When my daughters were little, they LOVED chitty chitty bang bang. I saw it so much I think I still sing it in my sleep :) Oh, for the wagon, go down to your local bicycle shop. You can big up a little meter and attach it to the wheel wagon to track mileage. neat stuff ;) ~Micah aka. BigDaddy